Training I Have Done


I am learning and changing all the time, and my biggest training comes from working with clients and living my life. Some of my more formal qualifications are below.


I have an MA in Person-Centred Counselling, and a diploma and advanced diploma in Embodied-Relational Therapy (ERT) - the advanced diploma was with Nick Totton. I have also completed a one-year course in Wild Therapy, an extension of the ERT training.


I am trained in CCI co-counselling. I have participated in therapy, supervision and a number of seminars in Process-Oriented Psychology. For about a decade, I also worked quite extensively with Buddhist meditation.


More academically, I have a BA in philosophy and literature, and an MA in English literature.

I belong to the Embodied-Relational Therapy Association (ERTA), the community of ERT graduates and trainers that meets twice a year for further training, mutual support, and a chance to share and deepen our understanding and practice of ERT.

I am also a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU).